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About Univity
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Our History
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We are a specialist advisory consultancy that partners with executive and senior management teams to enhance core business capabilities, develop highly effective strategies, provide valuable counsel and leadership advice and successfully deliver projects that significantly increase organisational agility and efficiency.

Univity leverages a global network of proven executives, experienced senior managers and highly regarded project experts to ensure the right knowledge, experience and skills are applied to the right organisational need at the right time.

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Founded in early 2010, Univity was formed to meet the growing need for credible and confidential counsel and advice for executives and senior managers independant of their organisations.

Univity's key objective is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience to increase leadership effectiveness, stimulate innovation and guide performance excellence.

The name Univity was derived from two separate words that capture the essence of Univity's key objective. The first word 'Universal' is applicable and applied to everyone. The second word 'Gravity' is the substantial force of attraction that brings all the right elements together. Uni-vity.

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